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Our place
Our place

Gualjaina's in the Patagonia, Argentina. It is a new tourist attraction for those who want to live cultural, archaeological values and nature in pure condition. It´s in the Central Region of Chubut's Province, oasis of the Patagonian steppe. It´s near Esquel's Airport (64 km), Esquel's city (87 km), the Natural Area Protected called "Piedra Parada" (46 km) and the Río Chubut (10 km). Our place is surrounded by the rivers Lepá and Gualjaina, the exuberant world of poplars, wilows, American and European ash-trees, tamariscos, birches, Siberian elms, the plateau and the imposing Sierras de Gualjaina. Also, there are grapevines, lavender, cherry trees, plum-trees and lots of honey.

Tertulia, books and…… something more, Gualjaina, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina
Cel: +54 (2945) 46-0180 / consultasgualjaina@tertulia.com.ar