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Get to Gualjaina

Get to Gualjaina: 42º32´03´´ S y en 70º29´57´´O

There are four ways to get to Gualjaina:
Esquel – Gualjaina: From the Southeast, there are 87 km. Once out of Esquel drive along National Ruta 40 and then take Provincial Ruta N º 12.
Route 40 – Gualjaina: From to the South, there are 110 km. From the National Ruta 40, then take Provincial Ruta N º 14.
Cushamen – Gualjaina ; El Maitén – Cushamen: From the Northwest, there are 120 km/60 km . From El Maitén, take Provincial Ruta N º 35.
Paso del Sapo – Gualjaina: From the East, there are 100 km. From Paso del Sapo, along Provincial Ruta 12, drive past Piedra Parada (Stopped Stone).
Once you see the sign "Welcome to Gualjaina", you continue the along RP N º 12, for two more km, past the village.

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