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What to see and do

Gualjaina is a place of tranquil beauty where you can leave the pressures of everyday life. Nature will heal when you slow down and reconnect with its rhythms, engaging the five senses as you walk over the Gualjaina river or climb La Ventana hill up to gaze at the valley and Gualjaina's urban area. This is an ideal place for meditation in isolation. Good food is a big part of the holiday experience, you are never far from good food and drink in Gualjaina. All our meals are made with products of our kitchen garden and fruit trees. You will be able to see exhibitions of artists, to learn about the local culture by crafts made by the local people (descendants from the Tehuelches and Mapuches, who have been in the area for about 5070 years). Native music, books of local and regional authors will be on display permanently in the different lounges of Tertulia. There are many things to see and do in Gualjaina, it is helpful to ask for advice to take the most of your trip. We can be your best holiday organizer to show you the best of Gualjaina: Valle de Piedra Parada, Cañadón de la Buitrera, El Saltillo, Circuito Cañadón Grande; Circuito Cerro de La Ventana, Laguna del Hunco..

Tertulia, books and…… something more, Gualjaina, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina
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